My son Benjamin has just started his2nd term with Aqua Splash Tots and he loves it.
I myself love the water and really enjoy swimming so I thought it was a great idea to introduce Ben to swimming at an early age and I’m so glad I did.
His water confidence is amazing and he is not phased by going underwater at all. My only regre is I didn’t start it earlier.
Everyone at Aqua Splash Tots are great, there is such a fun yet relaxed atmosphere which is great for the little ones. If you are thinking of swimming lessons for your child then I strongly recommend it, it’s BRILLIANT!!!!

- Jackie Frost and baby Benjamin

Jessica and I love our swimming lessons on a Thursday afternoon. Jessica is just 4 months old but is already growing in confidence in and under the water! For me it’s great ‘Dad time’ bonding with my daughter and good to meet other parents – Jessica loves the interaction with the other babies.

Our instructor makes the sessions really fun and encourages us to progress, especially with the underwater bits…and doesn’t laugh at me when I don’t know the words to the songs!

We are about to sign up for our second term and would recommend the lessons to anyone who wants their child to be a confident swimmer. At this rate Jessica is going to be the next Rebecca Addlington!

- James Maben and baby Jessica

Both of our children love their swimming lessons and it gives them great confidence in the water.

- Helen Wells and baby Sophia and Jacob

Before our daughter was born we both felt, as strong swimmers and scubadivers, that swimming was important foundation in our childhoods and wanted the same for her.

We were especially keen to find a warm water pool as we wanted to start as early as possible to know that she would be learning skills that would make her confident and safe around water without delay.

- Louise Hampshire and baby Bella

I fell in love with baby swimming when I did it with both of my children. Even before I was pregnant I knew I wanted to do baby swimming, probably due to growing up loving Nirvana and their iconic album cover of the baby swimming underwater. Also my husband and I love the sea and we always wanted our children to be confident in water and safe.

From the first lesson with m son, I was addicted! It was such an amazing experience watching my little baby of 8 weeks move with ease through the water and look so comfortable as he glided around. I remember the first time I put him underwater being a bit scary, but he took to it very quickly and watching him swim towards me underwater was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

The progress he made from lesson to lesson was amazing and it all seemed to aid his development out of the water also. It was definitely one of the highlights of our week. By the time he was 2 and a half years old he was swimming on his own. When I became pregnant with my daughter, we booked her in before she was born, leaving a gap for gender and name!

As I neared the end of my maternity leave and prepared to head back to my career in nursing, I remember saying to my daughters teacher how I would love to do this for a job. So to cut a long story short, I did!! It was definitely the best career decision I ever made.

Aqua Splash Tots is a wonderful company to work for, where every baby and parent (grandparent, auntie, uncle or whoever else) really counts. The environment is safe and relaxing, where siblings are welcome and we will do our best to entertain them. Family are always welcome to come and watch and marvel at the wonderful swimming babies.

The pool is so beautifully warm and we have an amazing selection of toys. The lessons are based on fun and it is a fantastic place for your baby and you to make new friends. I still see friends regularly that I met on m children’s courses, in fact some of them swim with us now!

Aqua Splash Tots is wonderfully accommodating when you miss lessons through illness, holiday or just because you have been up all night!!! We will always do our best to slot you into a catch up class at a time that suits you and your little one.

So if you want to have a wonderful bonding experience with your precious baby, make a load of new friends and teach your baby life saving skills, I would definitely recommend baby swimming with Aqua Splash Tots.

- Laura Saunderson and baby Bethany