We have a breastfeeding peer mentor as part of our team. She is always available to answer any questions or offer advice.

Meet the team

I am missing my lesson, can I have a catch up?

A: Unfortunately as all of our classes are very full, it is very difficult for us to be able to offer an alternative. If you are missing more than four classes in a term due to illness, we will do our very best to try and find you an alternative.

We are going on holiday during the course, can I just pay for the classes we can attend?

A: We understand how frustrating it is to miss a few lessons due to a family holiday, but unfortunately we cannot offer you a reduction on your fees and we still have to pay our overheads.

What if my child is ill?

A: It is not advisable to bring your little one swimming if they are poorly. We suggest that you take that week off and continue with us the following week. If your child has suffered with sickness or diarrhoea a minimum of 48 hours clear before they can swim is required. To find out the latest advice do visit the NHS website or speak to your GP.

What happens if the pool is closed due to pool problems or extreme weather?

A: If our pools have to be closed for any reason, we will do our best to let you know as soon as possible. Our staff will contact you by text, email or phone to pass on the closure information. Any closures by us will always be added onto the current term. As we always offer an alternative lesson, no cash refunds will be given.

At what age can my baby start swimming?

A: At our specialist pools (32 degrees plus) babies can start from birth or when you both feel ready. Pools operating below 32 degrees are suitable from babies from 6 months old.


A: Babies can swim before they have had their immunisations. As pool water treatment systems are as advanced as they are, the likelihood of any infections being in the water are reduced significantly. To find out the latest information visit the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/childrens-health/can-my-baby-go-swimming-before-or-after-vaccinations/

What should my baby wear?

A: All of our non potty trained babies must use the double nappy system. This system is used by many quality baby swim schools and has a proven track record for preventing leakages into the pool, therefore reducing the risk of pool closures. The system comprises of either a washable or disposable swim nappy and then on top of this you must wear a Splash About Happy Nappy ( A neoprene nappy with elastine around the tummy and legs, this needs to be snug to keep any little accidents in) No other nappy will be accepted. These nappies can be bought from poolside, or by visiting Splash About.com Parents don’t forget your towel and swimsuit too. We also advise that you bring a changing mat for your babies comfort.

When should I feed my baby before swimming?

A: Ideally a milk feed should take place more than 30 minutes before a swim and a solid feed more than an hour, to allow digestion time. After swimming your baby will most likely be hungry, so do allow extra time to be able to give them a feed. We are a breastfeeding friendly swimschool, and will do our best to support you.

Changing Facilities?

A: Each pool has different changing facilities, we supply a travel cot/playpen at each of our pools to place your little ones when you are getting changed. We also supply a poolside assistant at each pool, who is more than happy to help if it is needed.

Photography policy?

A:We at Aqua Splash Tots understand how important it is to take pictures of your babies first swim or of your toddler achieving a new milestone. However you must request permission before taking any photos or videos. Anyone found taking photos or videos without the consent of the instructor or other families will be asked to delete the images.

Additional needs?

A: Swimming is a fully inclusive activity and is suitable for all children, our small warm pools are great for relaxing the muscles and joints meaning that a greater freedom of movement can often be achieved. Our staff are highly trained and have additional training to support anyone who needs it. To discuss your requirements do either drop us a message or call the office on 07742 816145